Artist Biography

My name is Elizabeth (Els) Bosma; both of my parents are Dutch, but I was born in Haiti in a town called Port-au-Prince where we lived until I was 9.  We moved to Canada because my dad got an opportunity to manage a winery on Pelee Island.  From the age of 10 till about 13 I helped in the vineyards with along side the rest of my family. We did pruning, weeding and during harvest season we picked the grapes by hand.  Working for my dad taught me to be self discipline and a hard worker.

I have always been a creative person and photography is one way that I am able to show people my creativity.  Being a photographer is more than just being the person behind the camera it is about putting your creative spin on something that will last forever in a photograph.

I am drawn most to fine art photography. I love taking photographs of old vehicles that have been left to rust away. It is a way to document vehicles that have been forgotten.

I am currently in my last year ofDigital Photography at Lambton College.  I’m looking forward to learning everything there is to know about photography, both the technical side as well as the super creative side.  I never want to stop learning about photography.