Artist Biography

As a young child I have always indulged myself in the world of photography. I always wanted those cheap Kodak film cameras and loved the use of polaroid devices. I always have felt that there was something romantic about capturing a moment forever in a photograph, a moment that couldn’t be reproduced, a moment that was mine as long as I had taken the photograph, those pictures served as real memories that one could hold in their hand. The ideals are both sentimental and rewarding. As I became a teenager I obtained a job as a photographer for Picture Me studios (a photography studio located in Wal-Mart). My job there was satisfying and unsatisfying at the same time for my thirst of photography. There I was able to learn a little about the business (such as upselling customers, interaction with customers for customer service as well as for photography purposes, posing, etc.). Working here was very good for myself for starting out, however, I felt that I needed much more from photography, and that this wasn’t exactly what it was all about for me. That first job was a good introduction but once I began attending school for digital photography and was able to step outside the world of baby’s first birthday and graduation portraits I felt like I was really able to find myself through photography. Now I am exploring the world of unique portraiture, conceptual photo compilations, unique lighting set-ups, etc. I am now able to continue my knowledge and love for photography unlike ever before. I am currently striving to learn from all the greats such as other photographers (such as Leibovitz) and art masters in general (such as Magritte). From these beings and their amazing work I find inspiration and admiration for the arts. As I continue on working on my next photograph, I know that each creation I make serves as a footnote for the love of my life: photography.