Raspal Singh

Raspal Singh

Artist Biography

Raspal Singh is a South-Western Ontario-based photographer who specializes in portrait, wedding and commercial photography. He is currently working on a commercial style photography gallery show that will be exhibited at Lawrence House, Sarnia for his final semester at Lambton College that will be exhibited on April 8, 2017.

Photography is the love of Raspal’s life. He adores capturing moments between two love birds who are going to embrace each other in their new life and want their moments as photo memories of their priceless event. Raspal is a versatile photographer with skills to work on wide-ranging aspects of digital photography like events, headshots, and stock photography.

He often turns simple ideas into unique photographs. Raspal regularly studies what he can accomplish more than his creative energy and aims to embrace the true personalities of his clientele. Raspal’s goal is to create photographs that are not just photos but the mirror of the moments.

Some facts about Raspal Singh

•    Raspal has a diploma in Digital Photography.

•    He also holds a bachelor degree in Multimedia & Animation.

•    Raspal loves to travel and explore.

•    He believes in "Do what you love and love what you do."