Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter

Artist Biography

I often find myself sitting in a moment, watching my daughter before my eyes, and those cherished moments seem to pass quicker than I want them to.

The first time I really wanted to have a camera in my hands was the first time I met my daughter.  There she was before me, tiny, pink and all wrapped up.  It was a love I had never experienced before, and I wanted to capture the moment and savour it forever.  I wanted to have a permanent memory of her as she was just in the moment. 

My daughter was and is the greatest drive to my passion.  This fascination I have is in taking the experiences, the people, the life around me, and bringing those moments to their full potential.

I am a People and Lifestyle photographer based out of Sarnia, ON. I take great satisfaction in capturing beauty in all different forms - from travels abroad, to being involved in cherished moments and the everyday life.

I am humbled by my recognition within the community - I was honored to be presented with a first place title at Lawrence House, and later in the evening celebrated as Best in Show.  Other commendations I've been fortunate to receive include being short listed in the Mary Webber Exhibit in Chatham, ON and having my work forever included in the Lambton College Archives.